Force36 10th Birthday Celebrations

Force36 Limited were delighted to host their clients at the exclusive Cambridge based members club 12a.

Well, we can't believe it but we started Force36 in 2002 back before the internet was broadband and facebook was mainstream. I think we even still had a copy of the Yellow Pages on our desk back then!

After wondering what we should do to mark the occasion, new website and brand identity, some logo branded coffee mugs for the office, we quickly realised we needed to throw a bit of a party and we did just that!

Courtesy of 12a, Cambridge's most exclusive members cocktail bar, we hosted around 30 clients and guests and treated them to a night of cocktails and the odd short presentation which was well received.

Looking back over the last 10 years we've witnessed some big changes in our industry and have no reason to believe that the pace of change is anything other than continuing to accelerate, we're looking forward to more game changing technology and helping our clients make the most of it.

Thanks to valued client Patrick from Simply Photographic who was kind enough to take photo's of our event.

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  • Posted on11/04/2012
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