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We manage your domain name portfolio on your behalf, ensuring that renewal and ongoing management is handled professionally.

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Domain Name Registration, Renewal and Management

With over 400 domain names under our management, our customers rely on us to manage their domains effectively.

As a full Nominet member, JANET member and registrar partner for other tld’s, we can provide a full domain service ensuring that your organisation have full access to the wide range of top level domain names available today. Furthermore, Force36 Ltd is an ideal partner to manage your domain portfolio, ensuring that updates, renewals and changes are handled effectively.

Service Delivery & Support

With over 400 domains under our management, and with added benefits such as our own name server infrastructure, most of all we provide not only domain name management but full service including DNS management.

All of our domain management services are provided within the following SLA:

  • Response We aim to respond to most domain name customer enquiries within the same working day and certainly within 3 working days.
  • DNS Platform Uptime We operate a distributed DNS platform service across multiple geographic locations, we aim to provide 100% uptime SLA on our platform but will guarantee 99.999%.

Domain Name Pricing

We aim to provide a competitive pricing model for domain name registrations, our pricing takes into account registrar fee’s as well as management fees inclusive.

If you’re moving a .uk or other domain to Force36, please contact your account manager, you’ll need to update the IPS-TAG to be FORCE36LTD in the case of domains and TUCOWS-CA in the case of all other domains.

If you’re looking to register new domain names with Force36, please contact your account manager to initiate a search for your perfect online name to allow us to start managing your domain.

We respond to the majority of new domain orders and transfer requests the same business day, all new registrations must conform to Nominet’s terms and conditions for domain name registration.

Complaints and Abuse Reporting

Our published abuse contact address is: [email protected], in the first instance, please contact your account manager if you have any questions relating to your services with us.

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