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Why Your Business Needs a Leased Line

With FTTC starting to gain better coverage than ever, why would your business need anything more than a cheap and easy “up to 80Mbps” internet connection? Broadband is broadband… right? Trying to convey information about broadband in a technical sense is not easy in an industry dominated by headline speed promises rather than connection quality but

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Force 36 Celebrates It’s 15th Birthday

The past week saw Force 36 celebrate the company’s 15th Birthday. Starting out with a mission to create IT solutions for businesses, the team were excited to celebrate the milestone with a BBQ and a piece of cake.  “Stephen and I started our business in 2002 in a room just large enough to accommodate 2

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Chestnut Group Choose Force36 Limited as Technology Partner for New Site Deployments

A reliable platform upon which to build a hospitality business The Chestnut Group was established in May 2012 by former banker and corporate financier Philip Turner, who had the vision to create a family of hostelries, under the Chestnut umbrella, which would defy pigeon-holing into the standard classifications of pub, hotel or restaurant, but be

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Brewing up new solutions for Hackney Brewery

Hackney Brewery was established by Jon Swain and Peter Hills to bring top-quality, locally-produced beer to the thirsty drinkers of London. Experienced home brewers, they made the leap from pub manager and chef in July 2011 to register the first brewing company in Hackney since the mid-2000’s.  Now in their fourth year of production the beers are going out to

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Force36 BBQ Event

The Force 36 Summer BBQ To celebrate the launch of our new Website, and the passing of Summer we held a superb evening of music, food and entertainment. Over the last year our product range has grown with the addition of business landlines, mobile telephony and our 100% British Cloud Hosting solution for all sizes of business.

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The Importance of Experienced I.T. Staff

Latest Blog Post from the F36 Lounge Recent events in our banking sector should highlight to all business leaders the importance of hiring knowledgeable I.T. staff to manage and maintain their important systems, yet all too often these invaluable lessons are learned the hard way by SME’s all over the UK. Quite often we meet

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