Brewing up new solutions for Hackney Brewery

Hackney Brewery was established by Jon Swain and Peter Hills to bring top-quality, locally-produced beer to the thirsty drinkers of London. Experienced home brewers, they made the leap from pub manager and chef in July 2011 to register the first brewing company in Hackney since the mid-2000’s.  Now in their fourth year of production the beers are going out to the East End, London and beyond.

Runaway success Hackney Brewery approached us after experiencing issues with their web hosting performance and looking to increase their website’s capacity to handle increased traffic loads. What followed was a fully holistic review of their entire IT infrastructure.

Broadband in HB’s particular part of the East End isn’t incredibly fast, but our approach is to provide a better tailored solution that takes network capacity into account. With carrier level traffic elevation, network QoS and enterprise grade Cisco router and wireless we were able to increase broadband speeds by a couple of all important Mbps.

We then turned our attention to HB’s telephony solution and deployed our Horizon hosted VOIP solution allowing for far greater reliability and flexibility for handling an anticipated increased call volume over the winter period and expanded the number of lines available catering to their expanding staff demands as well as providing HB with free calls to 01,02,03 numbers and calls to UK mobile numbers too.

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We deployed Hackney Brewery’s website on our high availability VMware powered private cloud infrastructure and implemented a number of load balancers and caching layers to improve content delivery performance. The overall solution is simple but effective.

Hackney Brewery beer can be found in a vast array of London pubs, one of our favourites is Crown and Shuttle in Shoreditch but the HB brews seem very at home in the best pubs across town. Check out HB’s website at

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