Chestnut Group Choose Force36 Limited as Technology Partner for New Site Deployments

A reliable platform upon which to build a hospitality business

The Chestnut Group was established in May 2012 by former banker and corporate financier Philip Turner, who had the vision to create a family of hostelries, under the Chestnut umbrella, which would defy pigeon-holing into the standard classifications of pub, hotel or restaurant, but be simply synonymous with a great experience. The group’s continued development strategy is to identify and purchase freehold sites in the East Anglian region, which as a result of under capital investment, are not delivering their full potential.

Underpinning that vision, Force36 Limited were introduced to Chestnut Group in August of 2015 to address a number of IT issues that were affecting one of the business units which quickly led to us adopting the IT and telecoms strategy for the overall business.

Today, Force36 Limited are involved in all aspects of Chestnut’s IT service strategy covering design and fit of infrastructure on site refurbishments, taking in our experience with retail IT fit out requirements and network planning, through to the deployment of our business grade broadband access services, router management, staff and guest wifi, point of sale network access and comms.

Having grown to 5 sites and counting, Chestnut Group have been able to take advantage of the flexibility and reliability of both our deployment strategy, service provision and consultancy as well as our hand in glove approach to managing our relationship with the group.

All of Chestnut’s venues are spectacular and to be visited, our favourite has to be the newly opened Northgate Hotel in Bury St Edmunds which was a labour of love for both Chestnut and ourselves, we’re all very pleased with the results.

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