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Compete better with well-managed and pro-actively monitored I.T. We offer comprehensive end-to-end managed I.T Support as Standard.

Managed IT Support

With a Force36 support contract, any problems are identified and resolved quickly. We get to know your system along with your other I.T. suppliers like your ISP or software manufacturer. This makes the support process quicker in the event of a fault.

With our support contracts you get regular access to our expertise and years of experience ensuring you get the best out of your I.T. investment.

We support any business, of any size, and our pricing reflects the number of seats that we are being asked to support. We will design a support contract that suits your business best, everything from a basic retainer contract through to higher usage contracts. Prices vary depending on the level of cover required, hours of support, in or out of business hours, next or same day cover… it’s totally up to you.

Why not get in touch. We welcome enquiries for support cover and will be happy to talk about your specific requirements.

Projects & Consultancy

With a proven track record integrating systems in mixed environments containing Microsoft, Apple and Linux systems we are the I.T. partner of choice to work with you in planning, deploying and maintaining within your SMB, Corporate or Enterprise network environment.

Whether you wish to connect your new Apple iMacs to your existing Active Directory, deploy a Mac Server or Linux File Server, we will have prior experience and a solution to hand.

Having worked with the business teams of Apple Store Cambridge, and Apple Store Norwich for some time and been a Microsoft Partner for many years our team of experienced integration professionals will collaborate and ensure that your objectives are accurately scoped out and deployed to the highest professional standard.

Our many partnerships across the I.T. industry with reliable brands and proven technologies ensure that our objective in delivering robust and quality solutions is backed by enterprise standard hardware and software.

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